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Looking back on 2019: On the occasion of New Years Eve 2020 the Stargazer crew shared a bottle of champagne on-board our floating home. We were watching 2020 being rang in all over the world and ended the evening watching the ball drop in New York. The champagne was a gift from fellow sailor friends which was nice and this was our fifth celebration aboard our good old boat.

Sailing Stargazer 2020

There were also the customary fireworks here at the dock and we had a great time welcoming the new decade. However a couple days later the nostalgia of the previous year was tapping me on the shoulder; and I decided to not let the opportunity to take a look back pass me by as I knew it would.

I invite you to take a look at the year that was 2019 and share some of our story as it unfolded for us. During the previous twelve months we had been occupied with a fair number of boat projects. A lot of these were major upgrades for Stargazer. There was a common theme of planning, budgeting, and executing that ran through every one of them. One of the greatest lessons being around a sailboat for instance is Patience. That Guns and Roses song was the soundtrack for most of our journey through 2019!


Early in the year we planned to do our haul out. It was almost springtime and we were ready to go once we got our weather window. This took three weeks of rescheduling our dates before the weather gods opened that window. In addition another factor weighing heavily for me was the boat yard where all of this would be done. Fortunately we found a great DIY yard just minutes up the street from us. The yard was called Starship! Affordable, friendly, and accessible. A rare gem of a boat yard!

Here is a short video of our haul out at the Starship Yard:

We had our list of projects planned out and ready to go. However it helped that a couple of marine chandleries were close to the yard. When we were there you could still DIY your boat. This sure saved us a lot of time, trouble, and money. In the evening we would retire to our hotel room over in Kemah near the boardwalk.

Looking Back at 2019

It’s always nice when you see your boat safely in the slings and she is looking good!

The Haul Out 2019

At home on her stands for the next four days

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