Stars On The Water

Celestial Meets The Sea

Sometimes we need a powerful reminder so our dreams can be realized. Some inspiring words had me seeking a canopy of stars under a beautiful early morning sky.  After that I decided to make this presentation to remember the occasion.  Click The Button in the photo above for an Adobe Spark multi media presentation. Celestial Meets The Sea!

We live on an older sailboat and employ a lot of modern technology at the same time. Both coexist peacefully together. It is amazing however to be able to do almost everything on an iPad these days! ‘When Celestial Meets The Sea’ was made this way. Recently there have been advancements that even allow us to edit video on our iPad’s. Very soon we think we will no longer need to use a laptop computer for anything.

The video app we are excited about is called Luma Fusion. We found it by accident but only because we were looking for it! That is how the best things come our way it seems. Actually our whole adventure has been this way. Up till now a very beefy notebook has been required to render and edit video. When you watch the popular sailing channels on You Tube they talk about this a lot. Much time is spent trying to get their videos together. With the advent of Luma Touch this process just got way easier. Now the process is so much faster and we are able to go and do other stuff! We like it almost as much as Premiere Pro and I will put a link to it so you can check it out. The price is right too at just under twenty dollars!


Celestial Meets The Sea



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