Nassau Bay is one of those wild and wonderful places! It is located right on the doorstep of one the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Home to a variety of wildlife and nestled at the top of Clear Lake which is also in itself a busy boating mecca during the summer. It has also been our home for the past three years for ourselves and our good old boat Stargazer.

Sailing Stargazer Nassau Bay

Looking out our front door

This hidden gem is a 76-acre wetland area that is connected to Nassau Bay.  It features an extensive nature trail with informational signs and benches along the way. This region takes you along the coast where you will find rookeries and be wowed by the number of egrets, herons and Roseate Spoonbills, and Ospreys clearly visible along the shore. You may even get a glimpse of an alligator or two!

Egret Sailing Stargazer

Backlit Egret catching it’s supper

Birds Sailing Stargazer

The takeoff run in 1/500th of a second


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More about our sailboat Stargazer


Sailing Stargazer Nassau Bay

A beautiful ending and great summer color in the sky

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