A Sailing Stargazer Day Trip

Point Bolivar Lighthouse

‘Getting there is half the fun’ certainly applies to our recent sailing stargazer day trip. We went over to the Bolivar Peninsula. The easiest way to get there from Galveston Island is to catch the free ferry with your vehicle. Take a little time and enjoy the 20 minute ride over to Crystal Beach. The ferry is an interesting way to view ships and birds up close. There were a few pelicans at the ferry terminal to see you on your way. The seagulls chase the ferries on their trips back and forth. You can try feeding them by hand off the stern of the ferry. You may even get a dolphin escort for part of the way. Best of all the ride over and back is free!

A Sailing Stargazer Day Trip

The ferry crosses the busy Galveston shipping channel



A Sailing Stargazer Day Trip

A shrimper with his nets out just offshore


A Sailing Stargazer Day Trip

Seagulls on Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach is a friendly and chill little community. The locals are helpful for instance and eager to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy a weekend at the beach. TIP: Remember to purchase a beach pass and just drive out onto the beach which is a pretty cool experience in itself. Above all stay for the sunset because it is usually amazing. In conclusion this was the perfect ending to our sailing stargazer day trip to the beach!

A Sunset

Another nice ending to the day on Bolivar Peninsula

Celestial Meets The Sea

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