Celestial Meets The Sea

Beautiful Hawaii In Pictures

We knew were now on island time and it was good to be back in the islands. Hawaii has been a part of me since I first came here in the early eighties.

Of course I was a lot younger then fresh from the Midwest and had never seen any ocean before! It was those early days that forged my lifelong love for the Hawaiian Islands. That red dirt did not wash off and the spirit of Aloha stayed with me! Now years later I came back here to my spiritual home on business once a year for three weeks. Previously I had lived near Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu. This was then one of the premiere big wave destinations in the world. It was also known as the ‘country’ and was a world away from bustling Honolulu.

The Trip Adviser Haleiwa Gallery gives you a great idea of what it looks like today.


The Garden Isle welcomed us.

Picture Perfect Hanalei Bay

Sunrise on Hanalei Bay

The scent of flowers drifting in through the wide open window greeted me as I slowly awoke.


Hawaii In Pictures

The end of the road on Kauai


We also have a Sunset Gallery collection of some of our favorite sunset images.

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